New for #Hoops4Heroes 2017: 3-Point Shootout Contest! – Hoops4Heroes – 3ON3 Basketball Tournament Benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project
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New for #Hoops4Heroes 2017: 3-Point Shootout Contest!

We’re pretty excited to announce an addition for this Hoops4Horoes 2017 – we’ll be opening a 3-point shootout contest on one of the half-courts from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.!

The minimum donation to enter is $10, which can be paid on-site, or via the CrowdRise Fundraising page. 100% of donations will go to Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. The winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card thanks to our sponsor, The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A.!

Here are the rules!

3-Point Shootout Contest Rules

  1. Each shooter has 60 seconds to shoot five balls from five racks positioned around the 3-point line (two on either side, and one at the key.) One entry per shooter, and the shooter pays the entry fee.
  2. Shooters must start at one of the two wing positions, and move around the key. The clock will start when the first shot is released.
  3. Each shot is worth one point. The fifth ball in every rack is the “money ball”, and is worth 2 points.
  4. Both feet must be behind the 3-point line the entire 60 seconds.
  5. Total score is determined by adding up all the points of completed baskets.
  6. Tie-breakers will be determined as follows:
    1. Highest number of money ball shots wins first tie-breaker
    2. Highest percentage of completed shots from any single rack wins the second tie-breaker (1/5 = 20% and 5/5=100%)
    3. Final tie-breaker is a sudden death shootout from the top of the key. First to miss losses.

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